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We started Amped with the vision of delivering world class appliances to off-grid customers.


We started Amped with the vision of delivering world class appliances to off-grid customers. Yes, there were already solar products in the market, but they were disappointing … lots of off-the-shelf AC appliances that were dimmed to achieve good runtimes, and lots of cheap products that lasted less than a year. Villagers told us that using solar was inferior compared to the experience of their wealthy cousins in the city. We set out to change solar’s reputation.

For battery-run products, the key to performance is energy efficiency. If you can make an appliance more efficient, you can increase its brightness and make it louder without losing runtime. And if you own the power electronics (full-stack hardware development), you can build in additional beneficial features that improve the solar experience - like long shelf life, the ability to charge from both the wall or a from solar panel, and automated dimming of the appliances at the end of the night to extend runtimes by over an hour.

Being engineering nerds, we spent countless hours tearing down appliances. We identified exactly which circuit components were drawing the most energy and designed our own energy efficient alternatives. We applied this approach to solar lamps, and then progressed to solar televisions, and are now tackling solar fridges. The result? We build products that perform so well that you want to brag to your neighbors about them.

We are now tackling a new market segment: the 1.5 billion people who suffer up to 10 hours of blackouts per day. If they can afford it, they use dirty fossil fuel generators whenever there is a blackout. Fuel generators are polluting, emitting over 5 tons of CO2 per year, and hazardous, increasing lung cancer risk by 70%. Amped’s solar generator is the first viable clean alternative, which out-competes the fuel generator on both performance and price.

At Amped, we are curious, creative, bold and on a mission to…


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