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Our world is defined by our compassion to deliver a reliable solar experience with no compromise

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While there are many choices when it comes to solar manufacturers and products, few are as committed as we are to delivering a solar experience with no compromise. We partner with our distributors fueled by a spirit of discovery, a desire to understand all there is about the customer experience. Our job is about being observant and testing the waters. So, we'll stop evolving only when the customer’s needs do.

Customer Experience

“My WOWsolar is just wonderful! The small radio keeps me entertained the whole day as I serve my customers. One of the best in the market if you asked me and my neighbors around who bought it. It’s a very affordable product with good customer care, has a radio, brighter lamps, and great phone charging! It’s so helpful.”

Kukunda Evelyne
Mityana, Kenya
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WOWSOLAR™ 60/100 - Product Manual


WOWSOLAR™ 60/100 - French Product Manual


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