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Amped’s flagship 100L solar freezer but with 2.5X more LiFePO4 battery. Two more hours of compressor run time each night.


The EASYFREEZE™ 100+ comes with a large 1400 Whr Whr Phase Change Battery (“Ice Battery”) plus a larger 200 Whr of LiFePO4 battery, delivering 24/7 cooling even through nights and cloudy days. It boasts a powerful compressor with 150W of cooling that can freeze the chamber in under 1 hour! Cool more drinks per day. Plus PAYGO keypad (if needed).

The EASYFREEZE™ 100+ comes with configuration:

100L EasyFreeze Plus

with 100L Chest Freezer, 1400Whr Ice Battery, 200W solar panel, and 200Whr LiFePO4 battery.

chest freezer-ico-1ice battery-icoico-solar-panellifepo4 battery-ico-1
What’s included
lifepo4 battery-ico-1
200Whr LiFePO4 Battery
ice battery-ico
1400Whr Ice Batteries
200W Solar Panel
chest freezer-ico-1
100L Chest Freezer
150W Compressor
Lamps - Coming Soon
Bluetooth App - Coming soon
mobile phone-ico
Mobile phone Charging - Coming Soon
PAYGO - Keypad (Optional)
lifepo4 battery-ico-1
200Whr LiFePO4 Battery
*Inclusive SAE to MC4 cable to connect solar panel to the controller

The industry leading EASYFREEZE™ 100 system can be configured with either an 80Whr or 200Whr LiFePO4 battery for longer runtime on cloudy days. Users may also choose to purchase with a PAYGO keypad to facilitate microfinance payment. The PAYGO keypad magnetically attaches to the side wall of the EasyFreeze and features mobile phone charging and the ability to power lamps!

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