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Brighter than the rest.

Designed to provide more light and longer runtimes.

Amped Solar-Products

Why #GetAmped?


High performance and affordability without sacrificing quality require innovation.

Reliability in rugged environments requires innovation.

Thanks to Amped partners and customers, its team of engineers is designing with field-specific insights to set it apart from the rest. Amped builds durable, high-performance solar products at the lowest cost possible with the goal of bringing clean energy access to all.


Designed with fewer parts and remote serviceability, Amped saves customers time and money, keeping electronics running longer. Nothing is left to chance.

Remote Control

The WOWsolar Controller is designed to be serviced remotely over the phone so more customers can keep their electronics in use, rather than wait for a field technician to visit. The Controller also has half the circuit components as other similar products in the market. Having fewer circuits that are higher quality and more software capabilities, allows Amped to lower production costs and increase reliability.

Quality Control

Amped analyzes every component in its product line to find opportunities for efficiency improvement and tests each product at 3x power conditions to ensure perfect functionality. It builds its own proprietary solar software, circuits and mechanical designs to deliver appliances that perform like those in the city but with the efficiency and reliability needed for off-grid applications in the furthest to reach communities.

Resilient by design

Amped customers operate in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Ambient temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Humidity can hover above 90%. Clouds, dust and sand can block solar performance. These challenges have inspired mechanical and electrical improvements, like a drop-proof enclosure, battery protection technology, a ruggedized screen that can be used at night and a keypad that can withstand 500,000+ presses.

Premium Materials

Performance demands quality, and that begins with the exceptional materials. Amped uses top quality LEDs so its solar lamps are just as bright five years since being purchased. And its handheld solar-powered torches use a metal case rather than plastic for superior durability.

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