Meet The Management Team

Kurt Kuhlmann

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Serial entrepreneur and the tech brains behind some of the best-known off-grid products.  Designed early circuit innovations for d.light and BioLite.  Managed large engineering teams at Microchip.

Andi Kleissner

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Lived in offgrid villages in Sri Lanka and India, building microgrids.  Lived in the manufacturing hotspots of China.  Stanford Mayfield Fellow.  Led hardware team at BioRad.

Robert Woolery

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Managed large B2B sales teams in Silicon Valley across a range of tech fields.  Has worn a wide range of hats from Financial Analyst to Corporate Strategy, COO, CMO.

Whitney Goodwin

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Scaled China-based manufacturing capacity for several well-known offgrid products including the BioLite stove.  Launched the stove into 126 countries in just two months.