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Light it. Air it. Freeze it.

About Amped

Amped Innovation is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance off-grid, solar systems and appliances for solar-rich environments. Working closely with its distribution partners, Amped serves hundreds of thousands of families and small businesses in need of reliable, clean energy across Africa, and Asia and will be opening distribution sales in North America. Amped is backed by leading impact investors and institutions.


Making an Impact

By focusing on hardest to reach communities, Amped is empowering businesses and households to increase income generation, paving a pathway out of poverty. It sells its products in emerging markets to customers that lack access to energy and earn less than $5 per day.

Countries Globally

Solar Appliance Kits Sold

MWhr Clean Energy Generated Annually

Tons CO₂


Lives Impacted by Amped's Products

Solar-Appliance Portfolio

Amped designs every component in its solar-powered appliances to maximize efficiency. The team builds its own proprietary circuits, software, and mechanical designs to deliver city-like performance with off-grid efficiency. While others in the market focus on product affordability by using cheaper materials, Amped is laser-focused on the total cost of ownership for each product. Amped builds unique features that make its products the lowest cost to operate. 

Become a distributor today.

Amped shares its passion for performance with its partners and is committed to creating a successful customer experience for all. For years, Africa has been flooded with unreliable energy systems. Show your customers what they are missing: reliable, intuitive solar appliances.


A trusted partner

Amped's reputation in product innovation and quality has made its solar products the preferred option, and has made Amped distributors a trusted energy partner across communities.

Powering economies

Amped builds longterm relationships, supporting customers every step of the way.

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