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Solar Lighting & Phone Charging Kits

WOWSOLAR™ Lighting Kits are more affordable and easier to upgrade than what’s available in the market, allowing more off-grid businesses and households to gain access to clean energy. Amped’s high-performance solar lighting kits are designed to provide brighter lights and longer run times between charges. 

WOWSOLAR™ Lighting

* Customers can easily upgrade to a 55W solar panel and a 180Whr battery.

Amped Lighting Advantage


Pay-As-You-Go Financing

Pay-as-you-go financing for solar products across Africa continues to increase as more small businesses and consumers opt for alternative payment solutions as opposed to cash-first payment. Today, customers can install solar with Amped’s trusted distribution partners, paying a small down payment initially, and then paying as little as $0.15 per day to eventually own their system.


Easy to upgrade

Every WOWSOLAR™ Lighting Kit allows a customer to upgrade to an Amped Solar Television in their home without having to replace their initial purchase investment.  No need to repurchase any parts. The total cost of upgrading is the lowest of any solar home system supplier in the market.

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If you’re interested in becoming a distribution partner or buying a WOWSOLAR™ kit from one of our partners, contact Amped below.



WOWSOLAR™ Lighting automatically dims lamps when the battery runs low, extending the runtime for customers by an extra hour. And unlike other similar products on the market, customers can charge up to two mobile phones without compromising evening runtime. 


Convenient Tech Support

Amped’s certified distribution partners install each solar lighting kit to ensure optimal performance and offer remote maintenance via phone to improve reliability and asset uptime. Remote customers don’t have to wait for an in-person field technician to service them and can get their systems up and running more efficiently.

Upgrading Solar Customers Since Inception

Millions of solar home systems in the market are not upgradeable today. Amped has been delivering upgradable power electronics since its inception for solar energy users. This way, energy users can future-proof their solar investment and easily add new appliances with Amped's first-generation or second-generation PAYGO controller.  

What our customers say

“My WOWsolar system is wonderful! The small radio keeps me entertained the whole day as I serve my customers. It’s a very affordable product with good performance and customer care."
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Evelyne Kukunda

Mityana, Kenya

"As someone who lives in a village, this product has helped me save on the cost of kerosene that we regularly use for lighting at night. WOWsolar is brighter than other solar products and it's more affordable."
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Francis Olagai

Serere, Uganda

“The WowSolar is designed and built for Africa. It is easy to service the customer and Amped’s tech support has been outstanding. They are like a part of the family.”
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Dennis Msakwiza,
Yellow Solar, Malawi 

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