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Amped Innovation

Amped Innovation is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance off-grid, solar systems and appliances. We are active in over 30 countries and are focused on creating affordable products for solar-rich markets, working closely with our distribution partners and serving hundreds of thousands of households and small businesses in need of reliable energy. 

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Coming in 2024!

Founded Amped Innovation, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Launched first generation WowSolar lighting kit.

Won Autodesk Foundation grant.

Raised Series A to catalyze demand for off-grid energy appliances

Sold over 100,000 solar home systems.

Expanded sales to more countries across Africa and Asia.

Read our 2022 Impact Report here

Launched second generation of the WowSolar Controller.

Raised Crowdsourced SAFE funds on Republic for solar generator product launch

Launched EasyFreeze commercially in Africa.

Launch EasyFreeze commercially in North America and Asia.

Launch PowerHub commercially in Africa and Asia.

Series A bridge funding to scale production and markets.

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