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Solar Kit

The EasyFreeze is a high-performance solar-powered fridge or freezer, perfect for households or businesses in solar-rich geographies with no grid power or limited access to AC grid power. As an efficient, DC appliance, the EasyFreeze was designed to meet off-grid needs and work with standard AC household outlets if needed.
Refrigerate in less than 20 minutes (8ºC) and freeze in under 1 hour (0ºC). Unlike other cold storage solutions in the market, the EasyFreeze stays cold for up to 40 hours during power blackouts or rainy days. 

  • 100L Chest Freezer / Refrigerator

  • Up to 200Whr LiFePO4 Battery

  • 1400Whr Ice Batteries

  • 400W Solar Panels 

  • 225W Compressor

  • Mobile app data download via Bluetooth

  • Optional:  PAYGO Keypad, wheels, & AC wall adapter

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The EasyFreeze Advantage

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

The EasyFreeze uses R-600a refrigerant, which has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a global warming potential (GWP).

The Most Energy-Efficient

At least 38% more energy-efficient. Powerful 225W compressor and thick, 75mm closed cell polyurethane insulation make the EasyFreeze the most efficient in the market.

Fastest Cool-Down Time

Under 1 hour to freeze. Get to 0°C within the chamber from 32°C ambient, which leads the industry in performance.

Long Autonomy

8x to 18x longer autonomy compared to other freezers in the market. Maintains efficient cold storage when there is a power outage or no sun.

Quality Materials

LFP battery chemistry for best-in-class safety and performance. Highest-quality compressor and designed for durability.


Finally, universally accessible cold storage. Don't sacrifice quality for price. As much as 2x more affordable. 


Efficiency for Access Report

Only 4 percent of rural areas in Africa have access to refrigeration, which is key to improving public health through measures such as cold storage infrastructure for vaccines; improving livelihoods and incomes of small shop owners who sell cold drinks; and reducing post-harvest food loss for farmers. Efficiency for Access in collaboration with IKEA Foundation and UK Aid reported on Amped's EasyFreeze cold storage innovation. Read the report below. 


EasyFreeze: Unparalleled Performance  

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Designed for Households, Businesses & Medical Clinics


Refrigeration has improved living standards and household productivity. Spend less time going to the market and get more productive time back.

Small Businesses 


Small businesses can increase their income by 2.5x with an EasyFreeze because they can charge a premium for fresh foods and cold beverages.

Food & Beverage Industry

 Refrigeration supports the storage and transportation of food and beverages, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish, and poultry. The economic and public health benefits are critical.

Medical Clinics

Cold chain management is important for maintaining the integrity of medications. Many vaccines require refrigeration between 2 to 8°C.


A trusted partner

Amped's reputation in product innovation and quality has made its solar products the preferred option, and has made Amped distributors a trusted energy partner across communities.

Financing Available &
PAYGO Agnostic 

Amped offers its distributor partners competitive financing, and all Amped PAYGO products are compatible with leading PAYGO service providers, including Angaza, Upya and Solaris.

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"So far so good. It is able to make ice and do everything. I'm able to freeze juice at night and it's ready in the morning."

Madam Mwangala, Zambia 



Refrigerate (8°C) in under 30 min and freeze (0°C) in under 1 hour.


Stays cold for up to 40 hours during a power blackout or rainy days.


Optional Pay-as-you-go financing keypad and wheels for easy transport.

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Convenient delivery and solar installation with our trusted partners. 


Maintenance free & state of the art thermal battery technology.


Breakthrough affordability!

EasyFreeze Product Resources

Download key product guides, manuals and trainings below.

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