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WOWSOLAR™ Generators

Coming to Africa in 2024!

Amped’s ground-breaking solar generator delivers uninterrupted power for a price that pays back within a year. For weak-grid users, the WOWSOLAR generator has 3X the performance at one-third the price compared to other solar solutions on the market. 2024 will be the time to displace diesel as this premium solar solution is the first real product to compete with incumbent fossil-fuel generators.  

The Amped solution will support AC and DC televisions, fans, music stereo systems, and a wide range of compressor-based appliances like refrigeration, freezers, and milling. 

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The WOWSOLAR™ GENERATOR will have multiple battery and solar panel sizes to perfectly match your business needs. No more fuel-guzzling generators and loud noises to obtain continuous, reliable, clean energy for your business. The product can also be charged by the sun or from the grid.

Expand your sales with WOWSOLAR and join Amped as a certified distribution partner today. 

The waitlist is growing for container-size orders.

“We have nothing like this right now. The market is there - but we don’t have the solution. We have been looking for this sort of product.”
Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 10.30_edited.jpg

Edio Uti
Atlas Copco

Every single household in Nigeria has a fuel generator! And everyone would consider a solar upgrade if the right product came along. They are loud and they smell!”
Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 10.27_edited.jpg

Winifred Dike
Formerly Cummins


“When I noticed I am spending more money on fuel than I am on food, I realized I needed to find an alternative.”
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Nigerian Tech Influencer

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