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Build your business.

Become an Amped distribution partner.

Distributors are choosing to work with Amped because they see Amped as a long-term technology and business partner. As a solar-appliance manufacturer, our focus is to build innovative products customers love and empower local distributors to scale their businesses efficiently.

Our trusted distribution partners are excited to contribute to our product roadmap to maintain their edge in the market. This allows the Amped team to focus on our core competency, which is engineering, manufacturing, and go-to-market strategy.

Amped receives weekly referrals from existing distribution partners who have recommended Amped to another distributor, making Amped a go-to partner for new solar appliances and technology. Our reputation in product innovation and quality has not only made the “Orange” product the one end user request but has made Amped the trusted advisor to distributors.




Solar Home Systems Sold


Agents Certified

Partner Program

The Amped Partner Program is designed to help distributors scale and succeed. Amped provides product training, technical support, Pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) integration, sales and marketing support, and more.


Product training and certification for sales acceleration


Technical support to reduce the cost post-sales support


Quick product warranty claim response and processing 



Operational and shipping logistics help


Financing, experience with Letters of Credit, and multiple ways to pay


Collaboration on the product roadmap  

Partner Resources

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