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About Us

Amped Innovation is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance off-grid, solar systems and appliances. We are active in over 30 countries and are focused on creating affordable products for solar-rich markets, working closely with our distribution partners and serving hundreds of thousands of households and small businesses in need of reliable energy. 


Our Story

At Amped, we're on a mission to redefine solar.


In 2016, we created Amped Innovation with the goal of delivering world class solar appliances to off-grid customers in need of reliable electricity. While many solar lighting kits already existed, we wanted to provide a superior customer experience for families that believed using solar was inferior, so we set out to change solar’s reputation.

For battery-run products, the key to performance is energy efficiency. If you can make an appliance more efficient, you can increase its brightness and make it louder without losing runtime. And if you own the power electronics (full-stack hardware development), you can build in additional beneficial features that improve the solar experience - like long shelf life, the ability to charge from both the wall or a from solar panel, and automated dimming of the appliances at the end of the night to extend runtimes by over an hour. 


Being engineering nerds, we spent countless hours tearing down appliances. We identified exactly which circuit components were drawing the most energy and designed our own energy efficient alternatives. First, we applied this approach to solar lamps, and now we have a full suite of off-grid appliances including televisions, freezers and more.

Our Next Challenge: Displacing Diesel Generators

Today, 1.5 billion people suffer up to 10 hours of blackouts per day. If they can afford it, they use dirty fossil fuel generators whenever there is a blackout. Fuel generators are polluting, emitting over 5 tons of CO₂ per year, and hazardous, increasing lung cancer risk by 70%. Amped’s solar generator is the first viable clean alternative, which out-competes the fuel generator on both performance and price.


Amped is backed by leading social impact investors and institutions. Amped Innovation also raised over $175,000 in equity financing through Republic, a crowdsourced funding platform.   

With the Solar Generator, Amped has developed an affordable product that will significantly contribute to reduce the number of small fuel generators in African cities. We are convinced that it will improve lives of the users and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. Congrats to Amped for having developed such a game changer."

Christophe Poline,

Schneider Electric

The generator industry is ready for disruption. Soaring fuel prices, inadequacy and unreliability of grids in emerging markets combined with growing environmental awareness makes Amped's solar solution more relevant than ever."



AlphaMundi has been impressed by the team's proactiveness in responding to supply chain shortages presented by Covid by consistently redesigning the circuit based on available materials. Amped has continuously innovated towards bridging the electrification gap. We are excited to see the PowerHub enter the market.

Miriam Atuya, 
Alpha Mundi

Board of Advisors

If you're interested in investing in Amped Innovation either through the next Crowd SAFE opportunity or as an institutional investor, please get in touch with the team at the link below.

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