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Trusted Partner

Dr. Matsilela Ephraim “Jomo” Sono

Amped Innovation PBC has teamed up with Dr. Matsilela Ephraim “Jomo” Sono, the legendary South African footballer, coach and entrepreneur. Together, the two aim to increase local jobs and solar power independence across South Africa.

Our Mission

We are committed to increasing universal access to reliable and affordable solar products across South Africa while training up the next-generation of skilled solar installers.

South Africa youth unemployment rates are highest in the world with 61 percent of people ages 15 to 24 unemployed according to Statistics South Africa, a government agency. Dr. Jomo Sono and Amped are uniquely positioned to help train youth in solar sales, installation and technical support while empowering communities to gain solar independence. Together, we hope to deploy over 1 million solar systems in households and businesses across South Africa in three years.  

Empower Growth

“The daily power outages disrupt every aspect of life from taking care of our health, food, security, education and business. Millions of people still lack access to the grid and we need an equitable transition to renewable energy that helps all communities gain access to reliable, clean power. We chose Amped as our partner, because of the company’s best-in-class solar product line, which can make a material difference in people’s lives day in and day out. Our team of solar professionals is ready to serve you."
-- Dr. Jomo Sono. 

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Solar Product Portfolio


Brightest screen within the off-grid market.


Longest run times within the off-grid market.


Pay-As-You-Go Financing.


Quick tech support & customer care.


Easy to upgrade.

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Amped shares its passion for performance with Dr. Jomo Sono and his team of professionals. We're committed to providing a quality service.  

The WowSolar™ Advantage


Other TV products are much dimmer.

When it comes to solar products there has always been a tradeoff between appliance performance and long runtimes. Amped has breakthrough solar technology so you no longer have to choose. You now get bright, cinematic appliances with long evening runtimes without paying for a larger battery. Amped designs every component in its solar-powered appliances to maximize efficiency.  Amped also uses LFP battery chemistry, which has a longer-lasting performance, better cycle life, and is safer.  

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