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Our Shared Mission

We are committed to bringing the power of information and entertainment to off-grid regions.

Since 2018, we have deployed over 28,000 Off-Grid Solar Kits across Cameroon. Our collaboration aims to roll out over 5,000 state-of-the-art solar-powered lighting, TV, fan systems to small businesses and households in 2024.

WowSolar™ TV Kit


Brightest screen within the off-grid market.


Longest run times within the off-grid market.


Pay-As-You-Go Financing.


Quick tech support & customer care.


Easy to upgrade.

The WowSolar™ Advantage


Other TV products are much dimmer.

When it comes to solar products there has always been a tradeoff between appliance performance and long runtimes. Amped has breakthrough solar technology so you no longer have to choose. You now get bright, cinematic appliances with long evening runtimes without paying for a larger battery. Amped designs every component in its solar-powered appliances to maximize efficiency.  Amped also uses LFP battery chemistry, which has a longer-lasting performance, better cycle life, and is safer.  

“We are proud to have empowered hundreds of thousands of families with electricity, bridging the power gap between urban and rural areas in Cameroon. Our expanded partnership with Amped Innovation brings us closer to our impact goal of reaching 1 million off-grid customers by 2030." 


Loïc Descamps, upOwa CEO

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