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Amped Innovation and upOwa, an EDF Company, Expand Partnership to Deploy 5,000+ Solar-Powered Home Systems This Year

Together, the companies have deployed over 28,000 Off-Grid Solar Kits Across Cameroon

July 9, 2024 – Redwood City, CA, USA and Yaoundé, Cameroon – Today upOwa and Amped Innovation announced an expanded partnership to empower off-grid communities across Cameroon with clean energy access. This collaboration aims to roll out over 5,000 state-of-the-art solar-powered lighting, TV, fan systems to small businesses and households this year, bringing the transformative power of information and entertainment to off-grid regions. Since 2018, Amped and upOwa have deployed over 28,000 solar home systems across Cameroon.  

Since its inception, upOwa has provided clean energy access to over 300,000 people, enabling rural households to acquire its equipment through a pay-as-you-go system. Early this year, French energy giant Électricité de France (EDF) became a majority shareholder in upOwa. upOwa will continue its expansion and further increase its impact.

“We are proud to have empowered hundreds of thousands of families with electricity, bridging the power gap between urban and rural areas in Cameroon,” said Loïc Descamps, upOwa CEO. “Our expanded partnership with Amped Innovation brings us closer to our impact goal of reaching 1 million off-grid customers by 2030.” 

A focus on workforce development is central to the partnership's success. Amped will train and empower upOwa’s team of 100 sales agents across Cameroon on its second generation WowSolar kit. This commitment to building a skilled solar distribution and installation workforce ensures not only successful product deployments but also fosters greater economic opportunities within the communities served.

The WowSolar Advantage

The WowSolar TV boasts a series of innovative features designed to deliver unparalleled performance and unmatched upgradeability, making it the perfect solution for those seeking clean and reliable entertainment options:

  • Brightest screen and longest run times within the off-grid market.

  • Pay-As-You-Go financing software agnostic and user-friendly keypad.

  • Safer and longer-lasting solar controller performance as Amped uses LFP battery chemistry.

“upOwa was one of our first partners, and we’re so proud to have grown this off-grid market in Cameroon together,” said Andi Kleissner, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Amped Innovation. “However, more energy access is still needed as 45 percent of the population in Cameroon still needs access to energy. We look forward to closing this gap alongside upOwa.”

About upOwa, an EDF Company

upOwa, an EDF Company, is a leader in providing access to energy in Cameroon. Through affordable solar home systems and productive use appliances, upOwa provides access to clean energy for people who live beyond the national electrical grid. Learn more about upOwa online: and follow upOwa on LinkedIn

About Amped Innovation 

Amped Innovation is a public benefit corporation that builds affordable, reliable solar systems and appliances for small businesses and households in emerging markets. It’s sold over 220,000 off-grid solar home systems across 30 countries in Africa and Asia and continues to build its product line of highly-efficient solar powered appliances including refrigerators, fans and televisions. Learn more about Amped by visiting the Amped website and following Amped on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and X

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